West Craven Turbines Ladies 11-101 MMU Cheshire

Posted on December 14th, 2012

IMG_1377Just seven days after their defeat to Holy Cross Angels another tough fixture for the Turbines was upon them. This week the visitors were MMU Cheshire, a university team that had many players with experience and talent. While the Turbines were missing two guards one of which was star guard and top scorer Ashleigh Tatersall the ladies were a little short on players with just one on the bench.

Turbines started the game really shaky with MMU taking advantage of the scoring and taking comfortable control of the game early on. Turbines struggled to show any signs of scoring on the offence and had to play most of the first quarter on defence which had seen a number of improvements throughout both this weeks practices. Forward Katy Watson was the only player to score in the first period with a well earned free throw taking the first quarter score 22-1 to the visitors.

The second quarter saw a step up on defence; however still a huge lack on offence with the ball being turned over numeric times. Most of the problems came from a lack of patience and not making good decisions when passing the ball. Half time score 36-1.

The third quarter began with Watson going strong to the hoop with a couple of good moves to earn her points on the boards. MMU still carried on a good array of offences which they had to work hard to find the basket as Turbines defence stepped up with some good help side defence from Pickles and Watson. The offence still lacked as Turbines would still turn the ball over by some tough attempted passes and poor spacing on offence. The majority of MMUs points came from continuous fast breaks.

The fourth quarter saw Turbines run out of steam and MMU take full advantage of the scoring where they ran away with the game scoring 101 points in the whole game. The scoring lacked for Turbines as only forwards Watson and Jackson would share the 11 points. Final score Turbines 11-101 MMU.

Although Turbines lost the game by a big 90 points the result would not explain how they stepped up on defence as two thirds of MMUs points came from transition. However, big improvements must be made on the offence to prevent this problem in future games. West Craven now enter the Christmas break with a number of things to work on accompanied with new players to be brought in. They have a good benchmark as their next game in the New Year is on the road again against MMU.

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