West Craven Turbines 52-53 Burnley Magpies

Posted on February 10th, 2014

West Craven Turbines vs. Burnley Magpies

After getting back to winning ways Turbines were back in action this time against league veterans Burnley Magpies. Turbines were still without forwards O. Hylands and P. Marshall and any sort of depth on the bench, however, the Turbines managed to bring in youngster Jack Wellings for his first ever game after his commitment and improvements at training. Turbines have never beaten Magpies as the veterans play smart basketball, this year they had brought in a group of youngsters to balance the age group out throughout the team.

It was Magpies who got off to a scoring start hitting two from two in the paint, only then for Turbines to reply with Raul Gonzalez dominating in the key and Ben Capps combining well with Peter Robinson to get on the fast break. Phil Smith would also get on the score sheet with a strong drive down the middle of the Magpies defence to get fouled on the basket and go to the line for one. An evenly matched first quarter with Turbines just ahead by 2 points, 10-8.

The second quarter went well with Capps and Dan Widdup being sent to the line, Robinson getting on the fast break and Smith scoring from just inside the perimeter. With the Turbines looking in control it gave a good opportunity for Rowman “Dragon” Bradshaw and Wellings to enter the game. A good play on the offence for the Turbines came with the ball being worked around to find Capps at the three point line to sink a big three. The Turbines led the quarter but still on led by 5 with the half time score at 23-18.

The third quarter saw the Turbines keen ability to work the ball into Gonzalez to rip through the defence and receive plenty of baskets. Accompainied by Capps going to the line and hitting two from the free throw only to go and drive down the centre on the next offence and score. The Turbines defence was able to steal the ball away from the Magpies young guards and looked good going into the fourth quarter up by 11. The score at the end of the third quarter was 42-31.

The fourth quarter then saw an unfortunate quarter for Turbines as Magpies would bring on the veterans to get an initial 4 points back. They were answered with Capps feeding the ball to Robinson under the basket to keep in control of the game. However, Magpies would then come back to hit two from the line and get another basket before Turbines centre Gonzalez would foul out after receiving five personal fouls which not only lost them a key player but put Turbines in team foul trouble. To add to the worries Turbines forward Widdup would then pick up a foot injury which has had a costly impact on the team as he in now unable to play for the next four-six weeks. Magpies would come back to the Turbines end to put the pressure on Turbines with another unanswered basket. At this point the game came within just 4 points. Smith and Capps linked up well on the offence with some well earned baskets to try and extend the lead. The Magpies though just kept attacking with some precise passing to get big man T. Mac under the basket to put the pressure on Turbines. Only a minute and a half remained with Turbines just up by a two points at 52-50. A no basket offence led to a quick long pass from the Magpies to M. Thompson would see him fouled on the shot and then to go to the line. Thompson made a single free throw, however, Magpies stole the ball off the missed attempt and some desperate defence led to Thompson then getting a two from under the basket with 24 seconds left on the clock. A time out was called; Turbines would then plan to get Capps to the hoop on the final offence. Turbines offence fell apart with Magpies winning the ball back but Magpies could not relax yet as a shaky travel would give the ball back to Turbines with 13 seconds to go. Turbines played the ball to Smith and a clever defence from Magpies saw him force the ball out to Renko Ireton who then had to fire up a tough shot from the three point line only failing to convert. Magpies displayed experience is the key beating Turbines and stealing the win at the wire. The final score finished 53-52.

A disappointing result from the Turbines point of view which also took a heavy consequence loosing key player Widdup to injury. On a good note it was a good game from a neutral perspective and the MVP goes to Ben Capps for his step up on defence, his driving ability on offence and his free throw shooting hitting 6 from 7. Turbines are back in action with a tough month starting with Fylde next week.

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