West Craven Turbines 49-93 Fylde

Posted on February 10th, 2014

West Craven Turbines vs. Fylde

This week injury hit Turbines took on a strong and skillful Fylde side. It is Fylde’s first year in the Hyndburn League and recent results show that they already have made an impact on the season’s standings. Turbines, however, were again low on players due to injuries and to add to the absence of Dan Widdup the team were also missing Pete Marshall as he is now out for another five weeks due to injury. Missing key players Coach Renko Ireton used this as an opportunity to further introduce new players into the game by rostering young boys Roman Bradshaw and Jack Wellings. The starting five was as per usual Raul Gonzalez, Renko Ireton, Pete Robinson, Phil Smith Ben Capps getting his second start of the season with the two youngsters on the bench.

The game started with Fylde’s shooting dominance going up 6-0 early on before Turbines had an answer, however, a free throw shooting spree saw Gonzalez and Smith put Turbines back in the game. Half way through the quarter Turbines then started to score from the field with Capps providing some passes inside to Gonzalez and Ireton shooting from the base line. However, on the defensive end Turbines struggled to keep out Fylde’s 6”9 center forward as he would then score 8 unanswered points to help Fylde take away a 27-14 1st quarter.

The second quarter started well for Turbines showing ambition to get back into the game with an array of 3 points shots coming from Capps, Robinson and Smith. Although this was Turbines best quarter they narrowly missed out on outscoring the opponents through the 10 minute period as they lost the quarter by 2. This led to the score of 46-31 at half time.

The third quarter came as an opportunity to play the two youngsters off the bench and give them some valuable playing time on court. On the scoring end Ireton shot well from within the perimeter and Smith and Capps both got to the basket in a gasp to keep the scoring alive. The score at the end of the third came to 66-43 to Fylde.

The fourth quarter started out well with Robinson hitting two from two on the base line at either side of the basket but from then on a lapse in defense saw the Turbines concede another 27 points only to be answered by Turbines early 6 with the Fylde dominating the score sheet towards the end of the game. Final score 93-49 to Fylde.

It was tough game for Turbines missing a lot of valuable players but a good experience for the new young players to be a part of. A lesson not to fall to far behind as lack of scores can always be backed-up from playing solid defense and committing fouls, Turbines did not show that this time with just 4 personal fouls being made in the whole game. MVP goes to Gonzalez for his fast breaking, free throw shooting and rebounding ability to lead Turbines against the odds, it was also good to see shooting guard Ireton hitting the score sheet with 8 points. The scorers include Gonzalez 13, Robinson 11, Smith 11, Ireton 8 and Capps 6.


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