West Craven Turbines 51-62 Hyndburn

Posted on December 8th, 2011

The Turbines were up against Hyndburn this week and it’s never been easy for such a young team to get a win against a team made up of such experience. The Turbines had just seven players but a good strong team with point guard Rhodes leading the players on court and veteran John Coates returning from university. With guards B. Capps, C. Raquel and J. Raquel all scoring consistently in recent games and two forwards  Widdup and Dawson controlling inside the Turbines were looking to win this game.

West Craven started off with their typical 1-3-1 zone defence however due to lack of closing out and rebounding Hyndburn were grabbing rebounds and 3 point shots. The offence did not start great either and Hyndburn got away with a ten point lead. The second quarter was a turning point as Coach Ireton switch to a 2-3 zone and caught Hyndburn on the break with some good baskets from Capps and Coates closing the score to 27-21 at the half.

After the half-time break the team went into the second half totally lifting the standard of their play with a strong defence and great moves inside the key on offense and some great outside shots from J. Raquel. After closing the deficit to just 1pt a lapse in concentration saw the good play drop and Hyndburn again took control. Throughout the game Turbines competed well but should have took control earlier on and come out on top with a very important game coming up before the Christmas break. The final score 51-62, the game was close but West Craven should have used it as an opportunity to win as the game again showed us highlights of how good Turbines can and will be. A big improvement that can be made is boxing out and rebounding that we hope to execute against Chorley Cougars next week in our final game of 2011.

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